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Customer completes your online order form, providing credit card information. Submitted form is transferred via a secure SSL socket to our secure server. You receive real-time online authorization from our server. Order confirmation email is sent to you and your customer. Customer's credit card is debited; your bank account is credited. The transaction appears on your customer's credit card statement, serving as a receipt.

Use of Accept-A-Card requires a credit card merchant account (CCMA) on one of the major processing networks. Click here for more information about this.


Description Purchase Option Lease Option
One Time Registration $295.00 n/a
Monthly Processing Fee $24.95 * $44.95 *
Lease Term n/a 24 months
How To Begin
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*OnlinePaymentSolutions.com charges no per-transaction fees for the first 500 transactions each month. Each transaction over 500 is subject to a 10-cent per-transaction fee. Prices include ECI (Internet Flag) compliance for Nova, FDR, Visanet, and Paymentech.

Check (Electronic Funds Transfer) Processing Fees
If you opt to allow your customers to pay from a checking account, those payments to you will be processed by FiNET, an electronic funds transfer (EFT) firm. These fees are separate from our fees, please see our Accept-A-Check Page for rate information.

Credit Card Merchant Account
To accept credit card payments, you must have a credit card Merchant Account. Merchant Account issuers charge fees separate from ours. For more information about merchant accounts, please see our Merchant Account page


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